Tech: How Aerodynamics Impact EV Range & Fuel Consumption

15 hours ago
Wouter Remmerie

Built around the upcoming Tesla Semi truck, this AirShaper video explains why aerodynamic drag is responsible for well over half…

News: Toyota Announces Its Electrified Future

By model year 2025, all Toyota vehicles will have an electric option. This includes all current non-electrified models.

3 days ago

Road Test: 2019 Lexus RC 300 F Sport

The 2019 Lexus RC 300 F Sport is pleasant to drive and ride in, and there is a premium level…

6 days ago

News: Canoo Unveils World’s First Subscription-only EV

Canoo intends to market a subscription-based compact minivan-sized BEV—or as Canoo descries its vehicle—an “Urban Loft on wheels,” starting in…

2 weeks ago

Analysis: The Impact of Self-Driving Cars on Fuel Consumption

When the topic of driverless cars is brought up, most conversations typically surround the benefits autonomous vehicles bring to traffic…

2 weeks ago

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