Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Green Way To Go

People often shy away from used cars thinking that new is the safest option, and that there must be something wrong with second-hand vehicles for people to be selling them. The truth is, used cars are not only just as good as new cars, but far better for your finances and the environment. If you’re in need of some convincing, check out at our top reasons why your next car should definitely be second-hand.

You’ll save a lot more money

Used battery-electric cars like the Nissan Leaf are coming on the market at very reasonable prices

There are many ways you’ll save money by buying a used car, but the first and most obvious is the sticker price. The older the car, the cheaper it will get. But it’s not just that initial lump sum where you save money. You should always view cars as an investment, because if you buy a new car, you’ll take a huge hit on the depreciation value, potentially losing up to 19 percent in the first year. Just by being driven off the dealership lot and having one owner, they lose thousands. Cars that are a few years old have already lost their biggest percentage, so they’ll hold most of their value if you choose to sell them on in future.

Your insurance premium will fall

Another benefit to a used car is that your insurance will undoubtedly be lower. Firstly, the older the car, the less it is worth, and so the less it costs to keep it on the road. However, insurance companies also take accidents into account; newer cars will be more expensive to repair. If more of a model have been made, there’s more data available to assess how frequently they’re involved in incidents.

It’s more environmentally-friendly

If you’re one to worry about being green in your every-day life, then buying a second-hand car is the only option for you. Buying a new car costs thousands to manufacture, but it’s also very expensive for planet earth, as tonnes of fossil fuels are used up. From the initial creation of parts right through to the transportation of your new car to the dealer, all this means a substantial carbon footprint–none of this occurs with a second-hand vehicle.

You’ll get a wider choice

On the one hand, there are millions of cars for you to choose from if you opt for used, to the point where you’ll be able to find the exact make and model from a specific year. Plus, you’ll even be able to source the add-ons you wanted without those high dealership premiums. On the other hand, you’ll also get a much wider choice of sellers, so you’re more likely to find the car you want at the price you want. The selection of high-mpg models increases every year, so you can take advantage of the latest technology like pure electric vehicles at a discount.

The 2014 Cadillac ELR is one eco car that has become a great used bargain

It’s important you use a reputable online marketplace when selecting vendors though, such as , as sellers are selected to provide customers with a high standard of service.

We hope you found these useful. Did you buy new or used for your latest car?

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