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How Fuel Management Systems Help the Environment

Another Tool for Fleets

fuel management systems

Make sure your money goes in the tank

If you are someone who manages a commercial fleet of vehicles, whether that is trucks, tankers, ambulances or taxis, managing the amount of fuel you use is incredibly important, especially with the volatile nature of the price of oil and the limited resources. However, managing, checking and storing fuel for an entire fleet of vehicles can be quite difficult to maintain over a long period of time.

Fuel management systems like those from are not only an effective way of monitoring your fuel, but the benefits of adopting one will also mean that you can help the environment at the same time.

Detect Leaks

One problem faced by fleet managers is that of fuel leaks. Leak prevention is essential as the detection is not always easy, particularly during long-haul journeys where fuel consumption is greater. Leaking fuel is incredibly harmful to the environment and local wildlife, as we’ve seen in the news with the in the Gulf of Mexico.

By controlling your fuel, you can detect whether a leak has occurred or if a leak is likely to occur, and can act accordingly. If you store fuel on site, you can also detect if anyone has attempted to break in and steal your fuel or check to see if water has entered the fuel storage unit; something you need to prevent at all costs.

Manage Fuel Consumption

fuel management systems

You need to keep track of fuel in the yard and on the road

Another important thing to consider is managing fuel consumption. When delivering goods, drivers often face the prospect of reaching their destination late. This can lead to speeding, which, aside from the fact that this is dangerous and illegal, can also lead to an increase in fuel consumption, meaning that not only is the company losing money, but there is also a negative impact on the environment because of increased greenhouse gas production.

By monitoring fuel consumption, you can identify vehicles with issues and schedule repairs. Equally, you can also identify inefficient routes taken by your drivers and plan more effectively; monitoring in this way also means you can spot poor driving habits, enabling you to train and educate your drivers accordingly.

Diesel Exhaust Fluids

Fuel management systems are becoming increasingly popular in diesel fleets. A new fluid found in modern diesels, , adds another critical item to be monitored by conscientious fleets.

Diesel exhaust fluid converts the nitrogen oxides emitted from the engine to harmless steam and nitrogen, further reducing the emission that are the precursors of smog.

A more environmentally friendly fleet not only serves to present a company in a more positive light to the public, customers, shareholders and the board, but also has the added bonus of actually limiting an organisation’s negative impact on the environment; everybody wins!

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