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Going green and saving green with your eco-car

Your green car can help your car insurance

With the rising awareness of environmental issues and the need to sustainably manage the planet’s resources, reducing your carbon footprint is now a lifestyle choice. After all, come from the transportation sector; a staggering statistic. As a result, fuel efficient vehicles, such as hybrid and electric cars and trucks, are gaining popularity. They are fast becoming a mainstream reality, since they help reduce greenhouse gas emissions while being more affordable at the same time. They can also reduce your car insurance costs.

, so you’ll find it easy to choose the one that suits you best, whether that’s a hybrid or an electric vehicle, or even a clean diesel car, which a highly fuel efficient technology that lowers vehicle CO2.

Hybrid cars, such as the Toyota Prius, combine a fuel-powered source with an electric motor; electric vehicles, such as the Tesla Model S (which was also the in the US in 2015), have a limited range but also emit zero greenhouse gases if the electricity comes from renewable sources.

The right car choice can lower your car insurance

Choosing green vehicles can also offer another benefit besides helping the environment: they can lower the cost of your insurance. You’ll be doing your part for the planet while enjoying savings

Choices are out there to help green your world

from driving an eco-friendly vehicle, as some providers will offer lower premiums because green cars are often smaller and less powerful. This makes them highly attractive for many people, be it individual drivers or fleet managers.

Another reason why car insurance rates are cheaper for eco-friendly vehicles is that the odds of being injured in an accident are , the addition of a battery making cars 10 percent heavier; a fact established back in 2011.

Whether you own a personal vehicle or a fleet, and require personal, chauffeur or , the truth is that most providers are willing to offer some kind of discounted rate if you drive an eco-friendly vehicle. For example, hybrid drivers can have lower insurance rates due to the unique battery charging technology in their cars, which can encourage them to improve their driving habits. This is because hybrids achieve better fuel economy at low, constant speeds, and the batteries can also have a longer lifespan as a result.

Cars with tools to save you money

Your insurance rates may reflect your driving

Because hybrids use a regenerative braking system, they can capture and store kinetic energy when the brakes are engaged. As such, gradual braking becomes necessary to save fuel – and can be considered essential for keeping a clean driving record. In turn, that can prevent sudden braking, which can lead to accidents. This further helps drivers achieve lower car insurance rates.

Drivers with a DUI citation can , while reckless driving can increase rates by 83 percent; further proof that simply maintaining a spotless record can help you tremendously with regard to your insurance premium.

All this means that opting to drive a green vehicle can actually help you save money, both at the moment of purchase and in the long run. This is true specifically when it’s time to have it insured and fueled.

The importance of going green is becoming widely recognized, with governments even going as far as offering incentives for drivers to choose hybrid and electric cars. So not only do they offer better tax credits and a discount in car insurance rates, they have the added benefit of being kinder to the environment.


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