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News: 2018 Buick LaCrosse Gets Mild Electrification

New Powerplant Boosts Fuel Economy & Torque

For 2018, the Buick LaCrosse will expand its engine options and add a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with a side of light electrification. The new powerplant will combine a small electric motor with the new 2.5L engine in order to increase fuel efficiency as well as torque.

2018 Buick LaCrosse

It may be mild, but eAssist hybrid system delivers big mpg boost

According to Buick, the new eAssist hybrid system will have a 19 percent increase in city fuel economy compared to the LaCrosse’s V-6, its former base engine. It will use a compact lithium-ion battery pack to provide benefits such as torque-assisted launch, regenerative braking and smoother stop/start. That should be good for a four mpg boost to last year’s 21 mpg city. The old V-6 was rated at 21 city/31 mpg highway/25 combined. The LaCrosse also will add a new nine-speed automatic transmission.

The mild hybrid eAssist system also increases torque by nine percent, while the battery pack is compact enough to maintain fold-down rear seats and ample trunk space.

This new version of Buicks eAssist system combines a compact electric motor and an advanced 24-cell air-cooled 0.45kWh lithium-ion battery pack. It’s based around GM’s Motor Generator Unit (MGU), which replaces a traditional alternator and acts as an electric motor to assist the engine when needed.

The MGU will also act as an electric generator, drawing from energy stored in the lithium-ion battery pack, as well as play a pivotal role in the system’s other features (assisted launch, regenerative braking and stop/start).

Despite the introduction of the new, more sophisticated power plant, the base price of the 2018 LaCrosse will be lowered to $30,490.

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