Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Smarticd on TV Talking About the Challenges for a Cheap Electric Pickup

Recently, I was interviewed on CGTN America TV about Chinese-made electric pickups that are coming to America and the challenges they’ll face in the market. Smarticd covered the truck a , but they appear to be moving forward with plans to enter the on-road market.

The two big hurdles are:

  • It’s a Chinese-made product, which will bring image issues.
  • Its limited range and capabilities will its reduce its market size.

On the other hand, it’s cheap and appears to be capable enough to handle a variety of different jobs both on- and off-road. With my personal background with GEM and experience with other similar EVs, I can’t wait to try one in person.

Kaiyun Pickman
Kaiyun Pickman electric pickup

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