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News: Fisker EMotion EV Introduced at CES

Look out, Tesla and Mercedes!

Henrik Fisker is back with a successor to the Karma, which he calls the Fisker EMotion. His new electric sports GT, which debuted at the CES in Las Vegas, will challenge the EV purveyors to the rich and famous when it debuts at the end of 2019.

Fisker EMotion

A design-forward re-entry to the EV business

The slinky, curvy four- or five-seat sedan will be built from carbon fiber and aluminum to save weight. The unique design features four butterfly doors with touch-sensitive sensors, for a dramatic effect and easy entry and exit. And you won’t forget your key—you can open the car with your smartphone.

The EMotion is expected to rocket from 0-60 mph in under three seconds, thanks to a 575-kW (780 horsepower) motor fed by a whopping 143-kWh battery.

New Battery Tech

This Tesla Model S competitor will up the ante with more than 400 miles of range on a charge. And those charges should be quick. Fisker claims the new battery will accumulate 125 miles of range in a mere nine minutes. For even greater convenience, in 2023, Fisker’s cars are slated to move to solid state batteries with two-and-a-half times the capacity of today’s lithium-ion batteries. These will offer incredible one-minute charging, per Fisker.

Fisker EMotion

Open for business–send cash

With five Lidar sensors and connected systems, the EMotion is expected to offer Level 4 autonomy.

Naturally, all is gorgeous inside. Under the electrochromatic tinted roof, leather is standard, but you can order a vegan-friendly interior. The driver gets three display screens, and rear passengers can enjoy their own screens, too.

Taking the Tesla marketing style as a model, the California-based Fisker, Inc. will sell cars directly to consumers through Fisker Experience Centers; eventually, the company hopes to build more than 400.

Plan on spending at least $129,900 for an EMotion. Send in your refundable deposit of $2,000 and you can be one of the lucky first buyers on the list. See for details.

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